Buchanan City Hall • 4300, GA Hwy 120 • PO Box 6 • Buchanan, GA 30113 770.646.3081

City Clerk

The Buchanan City Clerk's Office provides staff support to the City of Buchanan’s elected officials, maintains the municipality's official records, and provides accurate and timely access to records for the public.

This office has many responsibilities which include:
  • Maintains the Code of Ordinances
  • Issues occupational tax certificates (also known as business licenses)
  • Issues special event permits
  • Processes public records requests
  • Posts bid requests and RFPs


The city code of ordinances and charter are the primary government documents and laws of the City of Buchanan. The Code of Ordinances is a compilation of laws adopted by City Council. The City Charter defines powers given to the city government by the State of Georgia and how the City is structured and operated.

For any official documents, please contact City Clerk Sherry Taylor at 770-646-3081.

Buchanan City Code
Buchanan City Charter
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